Explore Implicit Bias in Academia

Education researchers at University of Wisconsin created a video game called FairPlay to illustrate how implicit bias manifests itself in the world of biomedical research. Thanks to support from Fred Hutch Human Resources, I was able to attend a workshop hosted by the game creators at ABRCMS. In the game, you play Jamal Davis, an African American male, as he navigates his first few days and weeks as a new graduate student at a prestigious university. The game is available to download for free and can be played on Mac or Windows PCs. To download or read more about FairPlay, visit http://gameslearningsociety.org/fairplay_microsite/ Advertisements Continue reading Explore Implicit Bias in Academia

Microbiome researcher finds her niche

My research is supported by a diversity supplement to my mentor’s NIH R01 grant, and I have always been ashamed. I don’t usually tell people I have this funding unless I have to—not everyone is eligible, and I had to argue my eligibility (I am Filipino American). I was ashamed that I wasn’t a good enough candidate to get my own fellowship funding. I was ashamed that I had to rely on funding specifically set aside for scientists from minority or disadvantaged backgrounds to fund what I love doing. Most of all, I was ashamed that I couldn’t compete on … Continue reading Microbiome researcher finds her niche