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Hutch United Mentoring Network Spring Speed Mixer

The Hutch United Mentoring Network (HUMN) is a program of Hutch United established to foster mentoring at Fred Hutch, with a primary focus on supportive relationships that extend beyond scientific advising.

Spring is in full effect and that calls for Hutch United Mentoring Network’s next event – the Spring Speed Mentoring Mixer. Having supportive mentors is crucial for personal as well as professional development of a trainee. Approaching a mentor, however, can be intimidating and overwhelming for some. The Spring Speed Mixer, which will take place on May 18th, will help break the ice between mentees and mentors by providing them the opportunity to get to know each other in a speed-networking format. Enthusiastic and dedicated HUMN faculty mentors will provide guidance to young researchers during brief discussions, which will eventually set the stage for potential future mentoring relationships. The event is designed to help mentees find potential mentors to guide them through various aspects of personal and professional development that extend beyond scientific training.

“Events like the Speed Mixer help reduce the intimidation some may feel about reaching out to potential mentors. It’s important to remember that HUMN mentors have already expressed an interest in helping mentees reach their goals, so mentees shouldn’t hesitate to ask,” explains Terry Stevens-Ayers, HUMN Committee Lead and a research technician in VIDD.

Mentees are encouraged to sign up to attend the mixer as early as possible as seats are limited. Participants from a wide range of profession levels including faculty, postdocs, staff scientists, research technicians and graduate students are expected to attend. After the event, mentees are encouraged to approach potential mentors to discuss the possibilities of establishing more formal mentoring relationships. HUMN will provide tools to frame their partnerships in the form of optional mentoring agreements that outline the time commitment, expectations, and goals of both the mentor and the mentee.

Highlights from the previous HUMN Speed Mixer 

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For more information about HUMN mentors and other mentoring resources, please visit the HUMN website that features a searchable database of mentors. HUMN welcomes Hutch members of all professional levels to become HUMN mentors by creating a profile in the HUMN mentor database.

Besides mentoring mixers, HUMN offers other events such as the popular Mentoring Over Coffee (MOC) series featuring small informal group discussions on a wide range of topics to meet the needs of diverse Hutch community. Two recent MOC events that took place early this month focused on “Achieving Work-Life Balance”. At these events, Hutch United members seeking balance in their personal and professional lives discussed with experienced faculty and fellows how to achieve work-life balance and optimize time management.

Jitendra Thakur is a postdoc at the Fred Hutch


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