2016 HU Diversity Seminars to focus on Inclusion, Health Equity and Training

Fred Hutch’s Hutch United (HU) will host two distinguished seminar speakers on Thursday, March 24th as part of HU’s annual Diversity Seminar program, which is designed to elevate diversity-related discussions. This year Dr. Carol Brown and Dr. Marcus Lambert, both members of the Office of Diversity at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York, will share their approaches to major diversity-related obstacles at a research center that is similar to the Fred Hutch.

Dr. Brown Pic

First, Dr. Carol Brown will discuss ‘Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity—A Comprehensive Cancer Center Perspective.’ Dr. Brown is the Associate Cancer Center Director for Diversity and Outreach and the Director of the Office of Diversity Programs at MSKCC, in additional to her job as a physician specializing in cervical and ovarian cancers. She has a strong interest in ameliorating healthcare disparities in under-served populations, which is a national problem. She is also an advocate for improving both care and funding for gynecologic cancers. This seminar, along with additional dialog during Dr. Brown’s visit, will provide opportunities to share solutions between our two cancer research centers. Dr. Brown will also discuss the lack of diversity among the researchers and clinicians that hope to serve the community.

Dr. Lambert PicThe second seminar will be targeted toward graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and other trainees, as Dr. Lambert will talk about ‘Challenges and Strategies for Achieving Success in Science.’ Dr. Lambert holds a PhD in Biomedical Science from New York University and is currently the Director of Diversity, Recruitment, and Student Services at the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences at MSKCC. During his postdoc, Dr. Lambert supplemented his scientific training by also studying education policy, ultimately producing a report on best practices and effective strategies for training STEM graduate students and postdocs. At Cornell/MSKCC, Dr. Lambert is responsible for diversity initiatives, science outreach, and other services for several hundred graduate students.

Throughout the day, Drs. Brown and Lambert will have opportunities to meet with Fred Hutch leadership, faculty members, and Hutch United representatives. Hutch United mentees will also have an opportunity to interact with both speakers during an informal lunch (by registration only). The day will be completed with a round-table discussion among the speakers, Fred Hutch leadership and faculty, allowing for further brainstorming of solutions to increase diversity and inclusion at large cancer centers.

Seminar Information:
Dr. Carol Brown
Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity: A Comprehensive Cancer Center Perspective
March 24, 2016 | 12pm-1pm in Pelton Auditorium

Dr. Marcus Lambert
Challenges and Strategies for Achieving Success in Science
March 24, 2016 | 3pm-4pm in Pelton Auditorium


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