Article: ‘Learning the Ways of the Force’ from The Chronicle of Higher Education

Dr. Lambert
Dr. W. Marcus Lambert  Cornell University

Here’s a great piece from The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled ‘Learning the Ways of the Force:Advice to minority students in STEM fields on succeeding in graduate school‘, by Dr. W. Marcus Lambert. Dr. Lambert is the Director of Diversity, Recruitment, and Student Services at the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (Cornell University).

Dr. Lambert discusses the following keys to success in graduate school and beyond:

  • How to deal with a new environment
  • Learning to take risks and learning from them
  • Having confidence in yourself
  • Finding a mentor that works for you
  • Recognizing the value you bring to your science and program
  • Finding and making use of resources available to you
  • Planning your career next moves early
  • The importance of giving back

The article:

“It’s May, and by now you have selected a graduate program that will influence the next five to seven years of your life. For those just starting on this journey, anxiety may be creeping in; but don’t worry. I’ve taken a few wise words from Master Yoda to guide you on the path to a graduate degree, specifically for those people whose demographics are underrepresented in science. Welcome to graduate school, my young padawan. (Patience you must have.) “ Read More


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